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want to start banger racing here's how to build your car
about me
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about me

this page is a litle bit about me...

hay... my name is Ben and come from cambridgeshire.
ever since i was little i have been going out and waching banger racing.
in june 2006 i will be able to have a full race licence that i need.
on this web site there will be pics of me and me racing stuff.
although its not racing here's me  on a 125 cc quad


I dont only ride a quad i also go out go karting here are some pictures
Here are some pictures of me out racing in cambridgeshire

im the one in the very back of the picture

im the one on the left

im the one on the left over taking

these are the karts i was racing in

me next to a rebel

wanna go banger racing ......