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want to start banger racing here's how to build your car

TSR Bangers (BangerRods) are intended to be a training ground for new drivers although experienced drivers are very welcome to join in. The TSR bangers will run the first three laps of each race with NO CONTACT allowed. At the end of three laps the NION JACK will be shown and then LIGHT contact will be permitted with drivers allowed to spin other cars towards the centre green, no deliberate fencing.


It is stressed that this is a limited contact formula and drivers who engage in deliberate wrecking tactics will not be permitted to continue in TSR Bangers (BangerRods). If you want to race in a full contact formula then the other banger formulae run by Skegness & Trackstar are for you.


Demolition type events

(a).            Demolition Derby Rules may only be used when the staging promoter (by way of a drivers briefing, letter or notice in the programme) that these Rules apply.

(b).            Attacking from the opposite direction is permitted, provided the attack is from the outside of the track (fence side).

(c ).      You are allowed to wait for a car, or attack any part of the car, except the driver’s area (which is considered to be from the centre of the front wheel to the centre of the rear door on the driver’s side).  


Important Note When referring to all engine/car construction specification the principle will always be unless specific permission is made within these rules nothing may be altered or changed in any way to the Standard Parts and therefore if it doesn’t say you can do it. YOU CANNOT DO IT.


1.       Specification

  • Any saloon car under 1600cc front or rear wheel drive, i.e. minimum size Nissan Cherry, Escort/Sunny, 1600 Sierra, Maximum size Cavalier.
  • No Cortinas, Capris, Bluebirds, Stellars or A60’s, Montago, Vauhall Novas, Ford Fiesta and similar size cars.

2. The Racing

  • TSR Bangers (BangerRods) are an enthusiast’s formula rather than all out contact formula that would generally attract a spectator following.
  • All drivers must be 16 years old or over.
  • One car per driver per meeting.
  • There must be NO contact for the first 3 laps of each race at which time the Union Jack will be shown by the Starter and drivers will be able to use LIGHT contact as necessary to pass another vehicle.
  • Drivers who have never raced before will be able to begin TSR bangers in the white grade.
  • Novices should paint a large Black Cross on a white background on the rear of the car.
  • Any of the following driving infringements may well result in a suspension or a complete ban from TSR Bangers.
  • Corner cutting to spin another car.
  • Deliberate following of another vehicle into the fence.
  • Driver retaliation, this will be looked at in the same light as the driver who committed the offence.
  • Dangerous driving
  • Crashing into parked / empty cars.


3. Preparation

  • Remove all exterior mouldings, headlamps, door handles, bumper over riders and exterior mirrors.
  • Remove all glass, interior trim, headlinings, floor coverings, passenger seats.
  • It is recommended that all obsolete wiring be removed.
  • Remove old fuel tanks. Where tanks cannot be removed a 10” x10” hole must be cut at its lowest point.
  • Remove spare wheel carriers and tow bars.
  • You should NOT FILL IN headlamp or REAR LAMP APERTURES.
  • Dashboards must be removed.
  • All window mechanisms must be removed from the driver’s door.


4.  Bodywork

  • The front wings may be trimmed below the front bumper level but no folding, One 13ml nut and bolt may be used to secure bottom of the wing.
  • All doors must be either bolted or chained. At least one bolt through pillars is recommended. Drivers door may be welded



5. Door Plate Compulsory

  • A steel plate 10” to 15” deep 3/8 -3/4” thick must be bolted over the drivers door.  This must be fitted with a minimum of 3” and a maximum of 6” past the A & B pillars securely bolted with a minimum of 4 bolts, with a minimum size 16mm of at least two of the bolts. There must be at least 1 bolt on each side of the A & B pillars. Only flat plate is allowed. No channel, angle or corrugated steel is allowed.
  • A steel plate may be fitted to the drivers floor pan. It must be no thicker than 6mm, and must be bolted and welded in. This may be modified to rise to the maximum height of the sill of the door side only.
  • It is not permitted to cut slots in the driver’s doorplate, holes for bolts only.


6. Engines

  • Air filter may be removed.
  • Everything must remain as manufactured.
  • No distributor guards.
  • Solid mounting allowed, but in original position.
  • No injection engines.


7. Gearbox / Axle

  • Gearbox must be as manufactured.
  • Axle and ratio must be as manufactured.
  • No locked diffs or limited slips


8. Paintwork

  • Drivers must Not paint their cars in team colors or similar to that of  other cars
  • Bright colours are recommended and a good overall appearance is required. Cars may be neatly sign written - but no childish scrawl or silly remarks.
  • Names and numbers on both sides of car. No unpainted cars.


9. Mirrors

         May be used inside car only.


10. Bumpers Front and Rear

         Please note plastic bumpers must be REMOVED, BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE STADIUM.

         (CARS ARRIVING AT THE STADIUM WITH PLASTIC BUMPERS NOT REMOVED MUST PAY 5-00 PER BUMPER BEFORE ENTRY).  If this is the only protection for the radiator, the front one only may be replaced by bolting on Escort / Cortina type bumper (at scrutineer’s discretion). No home made front bumpers.


11. Bonnets

         Bonnets may be removable but must be securely fixed and must have four bolts 3/8” thick. 2 bolts in either side of the bonnet with a minimum of 18” between the front and rear.

         The maximum exposed height above the surface for all bolts to be 1” maximum.

         No added metal to the bonnets is allowed.


12.  Helmets

  • Protective Goggles or visors must be worn.
  • Helmets must be of a minimum standard as directed by British Oval Racing Safety Executive (B.O.R.S.E.). These are BS6658/85 Type A, BS 6658/85 Type A/FR, Snell SA 95, Snell SA2000, SF1 Foundation 31.1, or SF1 Foundation 31.2. The European E2205 standard helmet may be used in Fiberglass form only i.e. no plastic helmets.
  • Neck braces are recommended.


13.  Overalls

  • Drivers must wear bright coloured racing type clothing of flame retardant Proban or higher specification material and this must be maintained in a clean and tidy condition when in view of the public.
  • Flame retardant overalls and helmet must be presented by the driver at scrutineering.
  • If wet weather clothing is used this must be worn in addition to NOT instead of the overalls.
  • Good strong footwear is recommended.


14. Seat Belts

         A full shoulder-type safety harness as approved by ORCi with lap strap must be fitted and bolted to the floor.

         It is highly recommended that a minimum of a four point buckle fixing is used with a minimum of 3 floor fixings. A secure part of the floor or cage (including the seat bar) are recommended anchor points.

         Single point buckle fixing harnesses will not be allowed from 2nd January 2006.



 15.  Brakes

  • Must remain as manufactured and working on all four wheels.


16.  Wheels

  • Any standard road wheel up to 5 J.
  • Maximum size tyre 195, lowest profile 60 series.
  • All four wheels must be the same type and diameter
  • Hubcaps must be removed.
  • All balance weights must be removed.
  • No competition tyres. No Yokohamas. No Avons. No cut tyres. No mud and snow.


17. Battery

  • Must be securely fixed and must be fitted inside the car- on, under or behind the roll bar, not in the foot well. They cannot be left under the bonnet. They must be covered with rot proof material. A battery cut off switch MUST be mounted on the roll cage on the near side of the battery and MUST WORK AND BE CLEARLY MARKED.
  • Alternators may remain fitted but all wiring removed from the back of the alternator.
  • Ignition switches must be used NO bare wires.
  • 24 volts to starter motor maybe used.


18.  Radiators

  • Are free, but may not be removed from original position.


19.  Fin Plates

  • Fin plates are compulsory and must be bolted to roof using two bolts and must have numbers a minimum of 10” high, by 2” brush strokes, black on white background.


20.  Drivers Seat

  • A seat with a head restraint must be fitted. The seat must be securely mounted at shoulder height to the cross bar or to the rollover bar and bolted securely to floor.
  • NO racing seats allowed.


21.  Roll Bars

  • Must be one complete frame. NO scaffold poles / clamps. All frames must be welded.
  • Two uprights with cross bar welded. Uprights must have 4” plates welded to the base to stop pushing them through the floor.
  • At least one, maximum two, cross bars must be used to reach to doors or pillars and must have 4” plates welded to both ends to stop them punching through the doors. At least one of the cross bars must be at roof level.


22. Fire Extinguisher

  • A fire extinguisher must be fitted within reach of the driver. It must be at least 1kg (2lb) dry powder or gas and be of the dial type. It should be maintained in good working order at all times, securely fitted but not taped or tied in. Old type BCF (green type) extinguishers are not allowed.


23. Fuel Systems

  • Only roadside fuel is allowed.
  • Fuel shut off tap within easy reach of the driver. Good condition fuel pipe is compulsory.
  • Fuel tank with outlet from the top of the tank with a secure screw on metal cap with a breather pipe which if inverted would prevent spillage. Petrol tanks should be fitted in the strongest part of the car as close to the roll cage as possible. Overflow must be top outlet and pass through car floor.


24.  Roof Colours

  • When notified of their grading, drivers will paint the roof of their car in the appropriate colour. White, Yellow, Blue or Red, down to the tops of the doors. Please make sure you have the correct roof colour or you may be removed to the back of the grid.


Gold Roof Champion                               Gold

Euro Champion                                           Red /Yellow chequered

Best in Britain                                      Union Jack

National Points                                      Silver

Super Stars                                       Red Roof + flashing lights

Star Grade                                                            Red Roof

A Grade                                                     Blue Roof

B Grade                                                     Yellow Roof

C Grade                                                    White Roof


25.  Fitness

  • Any driver, who has suffered concussion as a result of an incident during a race, will not be permitted to engage again in that meeting.
  • Any driver, for whom a race has been stopped or suspended because he/she has given the Steward cause to believe that he / she may be injured, will be excluded from the rest of the meeting for medical reasons.


26. General Rules of Racing

  • Each driver is only permitted one car per meeting, and each car is only permitted one driver per meeting.
  • Any driver winning a race must start at the back of his grades for the remainder of the meeting. The onus is on the driver to take up this grid position and two places may be docked by the steward for each position out of place taken at the start.





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